Frequntly Asked Questions

What do your design terms mean?

Header - Masthead - Menu - Tools Etc.

Sample LayoutHeader or Masthead - Standard information at the top of every page. This might include your logo, organization name and address.

Footer - Standard information at the bottom of every page. This usually includes a copyright disclaimer and links back to your most basic pages: Home, Site Directory, Contact Us etc.

Menu - Standard links to your website. These might be in a list on the right or left of your page or be included as part of you header.

Toolbar or Tools - Standard functions of your website: search box, email link, printable link, or social media links. These might be included in your menu or as part of you header.

Body - Each web page has its own unique content in the middle somewhere between the other elements. This is the body.

Blog or Weblog - A content management system that uses a data base to serve up content.

Base Pages & Articles or Entries - When you use a content management system like a blog you will have one page that serves up many articles. For example in an events calendar the base page would have a list of events with links to each individual event. Each of those links opens an article devoted to just that event.