Frequntly Asked Questions

How will people find my site?

Search Engines, Social Media, & Publicity

Embedded in your website code are "meta" data codes, which help search engine robots to find the topics your site covers. Once Moonshell Promotions has completed your site, you should post your site on the free submission service on This takes several weeks to take effect. Once your site is on this site search engines like Google, Yahoo, and all the rest will find you.

You can pay to have your site come up at the top of the list in the sponsored results area of those pages. But, you will need to make direct arrangements with those companies for this service. Expect to spend some time working on this as this is an auction service which requires you create a budget and bid for placement.

Social media sites, like Facebook, and LinkedIn, linked on your site are also helpful. Remember word of mouth is still the best advertisement. Moonshell Productions does not provide social media services. Clients are recommended to take advantage of social media and find one person in their organization to post regular updates there.

And don't discount older forms of advertising. Your website should be just one part of a broader media strategy that might include print, direct mail, and broadcast media.

Also do not forget to send out a press release to all of the news media after you have launched your new website. Print media will publish it for free. Broadcast media might decide your organization has an interesting story and decide to cover it. That is great free publicity.