Frequntly Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

Design & Construction, Hosting, & Add On's

Building Costs - There are many free website services. So actually you can create a website with no cost at all. A professionally designed website can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 and more depending on how much you want to do with it. Most sites can be created for under $2,000. The things that drive up your price: complex database needs, special graphics & animations, additional onsite training for your content system.

Hosting Costs - These range from $5 a month to $50 a month. Some of the cheaper firms are "here today - gone tomorrow." We can use your current host or recommend one to you for about $100 a year. Generally it is better to allow your developer to choose a host who has a history of good service and technology compatible with their method of site design.

Domain Name Registration - Annual costs range from $5 - $30 depending on the firm you use.

Updating Costs -These are different for every site. At the beginning you will need to decide how much of your content will be "evergreen" (lasting a long time) and how much will be refreshed frequently.

Online Credit Card Processing - If you are planning to run an online catalog or accept donations, the best course is to use the services of your own bank. If they do not provide online processing services other reputable firms can cost up to $500 in the first year. This involves a set up fee, monthly charges and small transaction fees. If you already process credit card transactions at your place of business your cost will be much less. Moonshell Productions can work with which ever company you choose or show you how you can use PayPal for free or a reasonable cost depending on your needs.