Our First Book

Moonshell Productions begins 2018 with the publication of our first book: The Delmarva School of Art. We are delighted to partner with Saltwater Media in Berlin, Maryland who is handling printing and distribution.

This book celebrates visual arts created here on the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware, and the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia). It is a living tribute to the beauty of this region. 46 artists are featured who were interviewed for our online magazine the Delmarva Almanac . They are a splendid cross section of the various genres practiced today. 

The book will appeal to any art lover. The artwork is beautiful and the text imparts wisdom for living a creative life that can only be shared by artists who inhabit a place such as Delmarva – “the land of pleasant living”.

Visit delmarvaschoolofart.info to find out more about this wonderful book, watch videos of the artists’ interviews, and explore links to a world of creative possibilities that can be found on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Delmarva School of Art

Painting Returns To The Schedule

2017 marked a year of new work. Besides completing two books, providing clients with freelance design and website maintenance services, painting was a regular part of the schedule as well.

Taking Stock


In 2016 I took stock and brought to a close a project I began producing eight years before. The online publication known as the Delmarva Almanac, was started in part as a way to attract clients who wanted multimedia websites and, especially to improve my writing skills. Since then I have interviewed 112 artists who live and work here on Delmarva. I have written and/or produced produced an equal number of stories about this region’s heritage and its rich natural resources.

Besides being a writer and radio host I actually am also a painter. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art painting and communication design. After college, I juggled family life, painting, and freelance graphic design for some time. Then, about twenty years ago, I put aside the painting in order to try and make more money which I did mostly through my freelance business and a handful of what I would call “legit” jobs working for somebody other than myself.

Over the years, I have continued to paint: wedding gifts and the occasional commission. Now it seems my own art infection has come back full force. It is time for the Delmarva Almanac and much of my freelance business to go on hiatus while I dive back into the creative waters of painting and writing.

There is more to come. Watch this space!